Sunday, February 13, 2011

Late Night Videos

Alice Bags KILLS it. Probably my favorite Dangerhouse band. But, it definitely depends on what mood I am in. The Dils! The Weirdos! X! So many amazing bands to choose from. I will always have a soft spot for L.A. punk.

The first time I heard her voice I was going on a camping trip, as a kid, with my mom and sister. She sounded so tough. I remember singing Fujiyama Mama in the shower for months. Hey Wanda, thanks for helping me realize how badass I could be!

Nancy, please teach me how to shred.

I could watch this video on repeat. Mona is so intense and her facial expressions are perfect. I wish I could have seen them play because every live video I come across is amazing. Side Note: I wish a warehouse space like that existed!

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